Urban Strike 1994 By: Electronic Arts

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Carry out all your missions without dying and save the U.S. from certain
When Urban Strike was released it had a fairly unique idea for a helicopter game. Set in the year 2001, the drug market is running wild, criminals roam the streets, and Iraq is on our side. Urban Strike was basically the same as its predecessors, Desert Strike and Jungle Strike, except it was in an urban setting. You will need to fly your helicopter all over the U.S. Some of the cities are: New York, San Fransisco, and Las Vegas.

The graphics and sound are pretty good for this game. I like the techno music and the explosion sound effects were great too. All in all I would say that Urban Strike is a pretty fun game.


There are ten missions with at least five campaigns each. Urban Strike is a pretty long, and therefore
challenging game. You will get to fly two helicopters and you will also get access to a ground assault vehicle. The controls for Urban Strike were better than that of its predecessors. Shooting is easy and what's more is that you can rotate a full 360 degrees.

A Button Hellfires and Jink
B Button Hydras
C Button Guns
Start Button Start/Pause
Super password
Enter YCZ9NHLGBT7 as a password for ten lives and all co-pilots.
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