Vectorman 2 1996 By: Sega

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Vectorman, in his last adventure, defeated archenemy, Warhead! He is now back to being a garbageman. While taking out some trash, his ship is attacked by a missile. Only he doesn't know who shot it! He lands in a swamp in an isolated area. The toxic pollution is heavy, and has caused the insects to grow bigger than big! Now, our hero must save the world from total chaos! Good luck, gamesters, and remember to use the hints if you're in some trouble!


Sidescrolling game. You must search around the levels, getting different weapons and powerups. Some will be difficult to get, and will require some time to acquire! Some of the baddies will be difficult to destory, so that will be something to look forward to, if you're a true gamer.

A Button Shoot
B Button Shoot
C Button Jump, press again to jump in midair
Level Select
Pause the game and press Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, Left, A, Down.
Refill Energy
Pause the game and press B, A, B, A, Left, Up, Up.
Weapon Select
Pause the game and press C, A, Left, Left, Down, A, Down. Repeat this code until you get the weapon you want.
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