Virtual Pinball 1993 By: Electronic Arts

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Virtual Pinball is a pretty fun pinball game. It doesn't have the same feel as a pinball machine, but it's got its own take on the game. You have the ability to choose the board to play, then you can also change the background and pieces theme. The graphics looked pretty cool, nicely detailed. There is a blood board that looks pretty neat. You also have a bunch of different music to choose from that's pretty catchy. The sound effects sound pretty real.
The gameplay is pretty fun because of the different possibilities in board choice and the number of flippers. Each board has at least four flippers, a lot of them have six. The controls are responsive and easy to learn. Give this game a try if you like pinball and want something a little out of the ordinary.


First, there are a bunch of options to choose before you start the game. Choose what board you want. There are also a lot of secret boards you can access with cheat codes in the "enter code" section of play mode. Then choose which background you want to play on. You may also change what the flippers, bumpers, and obstacles theme is.
After you do this, you may choose the music and one or two players. In two player mode, you just take turns playing one ball.
The A button will pull back the plunger. B is used to shake the machine. Shake all you want, because it is impossible to tilt it. The only complaint in the gameplay is the fact that in multiball mode you can't see both balls. The board is so big you can't see the whole thing at once, so the camera will follow your first ball, and you'll lose track of the extra one.

A Button Pull Plunger
B Button Shake Machine
C Button Right Flipper
D-pad Left Flipper
Start Button Start, Pause
No Tilt
You can't tilt the machine, so be sure to shake all you want to keep the ball from going down the "drain."
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