Wolverine - Adamantium Rage 1994 By: Acclaim

Wolverine - Adamantium Rage Genesis Screenshot Screenshot 1
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Wolverine must find out what happened when he was transformed into what he is now. Fight your way through using your adamantium claws, and if you're hurt, you will recover slowly, but don't wait around, or LCD will come and kill you!


Keep moving along through the level. Search for an exit to another room, but watch out for enemies. You can attack them to get rid of them. Hurry as fast as you can before the red dot in the bottom right bar reaches the head. If it does, then LCD will reach Wolverine, and you will die.

A Button Jump
B Button Kick
C Button Claw attack
X Button N/A
Y Button N/A
Z Button N/A
Start Button Pause
Mode Button N/A
Password for level 7
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