World Trophy Soccer 1993 By: Krisalis

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This was the soccer game before FIFA by EA was released. This soccer game has it all. From selecting formations to even allowing you to edit uniform colors. You can even do a replay from the middle of the game. This truly is a world soccer game with countries from around the world and on each continent! Have fun trying to be the best... this game isn't easy!


As in any soccer match in real life you simply, while having the ball in possession, try to score a goal by getting the ball into your opponents net. While on defense try to steal the ball. The matches are long and of course best score wins!

A Button Change Formation
B Button Pass/Slide
C Button Shoot/Block Steal
Start Button Pause
Unlock All Star Team
Press A, A, B, A, C, A, B, and A at the main menu
Password For Final Round
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