WWF Royal Rumble 1994 By: Acclaim Japan

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There are many game types:

In 1-on-1, you face an opponent alone.

In 2-on-2 tag match, you team with a person to take on two opponents.

In 3-on-3 tag match, it's like 2 on 2, but with 3 people on each team. Duh!

In Royal Rumble, you must fight 11 other guys in an "over-the-top-rope" elimination match. The name speaks for itself. Opponents are thrown out by use of the tie-up and tapping the A button while near the ropes.

Rules can be switched. There are 3 types of rules:

In One Fall, it's a normal match, with count-outs and DQs.

In Brawl, there is no ref, no count-out, and all types of moves are legal

In Tournament, you face an opponent to advance on to face others.

When Grappling, to do the following moves:

Send them to the ropes: Tap "A" a few times

Atomic Drop: Tap "A"+"B"

Gutbuster: Hold Down Press "A"+"B"

Bodyslam: Tap "B"

Head butt: Tap "C"

Suplex: Tap "B"+"C"

Hip toss: Tap "A", then when they approach you, Press "B"

Throw out of ring: Tap "A" near the ropes.

Choke: Tap "A"+"B" Near them.

Face Rake: Tap "A"+"B" At a distance.

When your opponent's bar is low and red, you can use your finisher! When in the right position, press A + B to execute it to give your opponent a beating! It helps a lot!

A Button Run
B Button Punch, dropkick while running, grapple while pressing C
C Button Kick, Grapple while pressing B
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