Zoop 1995 By: Viacom

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This is a neat little puzzle game that can be very addictive. You are sitting in the middle of the screen being gradually assaulted by different colored shapes, and your job is to eliminate them by matching colors.


Zoop is pretty simple graphically, but the game play is great if you enjoy Puzzlers. The basic point is to eliminate the shapes moving toward you by shooting them while you are the same color they are. The shapes stack up into rows, and if a row pushes its way into the center square, it's all over! The tricky part is trying to control which color you are. If you shoot a shape that isn't your color, you switch colors with it, so you can use that to pick the color you want. Be especially careful when Zoop-ing a row that contains more than one color.
There are some special items in the game to look out for. The Star will eliminate one entire row, regardless of the color or colors in that row. The Flower eliminates all objects of the same color as the first color it touches. The Lightining Bolt clears all spaces adjacent to the first object it hits. Finally, the Spring is not used immediately, but saved. When you collect five Springs the entire board is cleared!

Start Button Start, Pause
A, B, or C Button Fire 'ZOOP'
Zoop Strategy
Generally what you need to do is try to eliminate the row that is closest to your square. In order to plan ahead for your next target, don't forget to look at the color behind the one you're about to Zoop. When you shoot a shape that is your color and eliminate it, you will pick up the color of the shape that is behind it (if one is there).
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