Adventure Island 2 1990 By: Hudson

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Well, that Evil Witch Doctor refuses to give up! Princess Leilani may be safe, but her sister, Tina, has just been nabbed.

And this time you've got real trouble. Because not one, but EIGHT perilous islands stand between you and your honey. Get set to battle dinosaurs, survive avalanches and out fight the Evil Doctor's nastiest ghouls.

It'll be tough, that's for sure. So just remember sweet Tina, and how grateful she'll be when you come to her rescue!

--From the NES Adventure Island 2 instruction manual.

Available: 3
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The saga continues in Adventure Island 2. This game is not that much different from the first in the way of game play and graphics. Now the levels and extras in this game are far superior to the first Adventure Island. New cooler weapons, more levels, bonus stages, warp zones, and secret rooms are what you will find in this very cool game. Good luck, and have fun playing Adventure Island 2.


Traditional side-scrolling action! Grab items such as fruit, milk, meat, and fairies! If you grab an eggplant, it will drain your energy, so stay away from it. If using skateboards, your speed will increase! While you're riding it, it will turn into a dinosaur!

A Button Throw weapon
B Button Jump
Start Button Confirm selections, pause/unpause
Select Button Select START or CONTINUE
Level Select
Wait until Higgins is hit by the coconut on the title screen. Then Press Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B.
Continue game play
Locate the fifth skull in the first cave on the first island. Walk past the skull, them up and down to discover a hidden room. Collect the Hudson bee logo from this room. Hold Left and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play with all prior items at the last level played.
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