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[Rad Gravity Comic Book...]
Kakos: Listen to me, Rad Gravity! Listen to Kakos, last of the Compuminds! Listen before all is lost!
Long, long ago, your ancestors on the world of Quark developed galactic travel to an art. They found many wondrous worlds as they soared among the stars. And over the centuries, they colonized nine worlds in three star- systems! They forged the United Planets!
The United Planets were held together across the light-years by a network of three unification Compuminds, which communicated instantaneously on the star-warp uplink! I, Kakos, was the Compumind here on Quark! But the United Planets looked for possible threats to their existence only from the worlds beyond the union! Over time, we forgot that evil is everywhere!
-- even in our own back yard!
A wizard arose from among the Quarkians! Agathos was born a man, but he opened himself to the interstellar magick, and he mutated! .. Mutated to become a living brain!
And in his cosmic madness, he thought himself beyond normal people.. beyond normal alien lifeforms.. beyond even the Compuminds! And he destroyed the Union!
He shut down the Compumind network, cutting the instantaneous links between the worlds! He placed a guardian before each of the far Compuminds, and buried me.. forever, he thought!.. in a cave! He laughed as the planets became isolated, and fell into decay!
Recently, I was discovered and reactivated! And now I have devised the means of reactivating my fellow Compuminds, to revive the Union! You are the means!

Union President: You're the most promising of our space cadets, Rad! We need to pilot our last remaining ship, to find the nine planets, the three unification Compuminds..

Rad: Find?

Union President: They've been lost for generations, Rad! When the network was shut down, Kakos lost all data concerning them! Through heroic efforts, it has recovered the coordinates of one, solitary world in the nearest alien solar system! That's where you'll begin!

Kakos: I will be installed on board your ship! Once you and I reach the first world, you must search the world for a Compumind.. since I do not know which worlds boasted Compuminds.. and you must search for clues to help us find the eight other worlds! I will process your data as best I can, but you are the one who must master the worlds if we are to reconnect the network and restore the United Planets!

Union President: Will you do it, Rad? The magnitude of the task is almost inconceivable-- but so is the magnitude of the reward! Will you do it?

Rad: I will!

Narration: And so, Rad Gravity begins the quest that will carry him far beyond the life he's known thus far-- to the strange, twisted world of Cyberia, where killer robots guard information that is vital to his mission!
But Cyberia is a beacon of hope compared to the rotting carcass of Effluvia, where the garbage of the universe does not go to die!
From the lands of the decadent future it's too short a trip to the land where dinosaurs still walk and fire ants nip your toes - Sauria!
Then it's on to the old-fashioned beauty of the cloud city hovering high above verdant Vernia! Cool and serene, it's the absolute opposite of--
--the down-and-dirty antics of the gnomes who plague passers-by on Odar!
And between the worlds are the shifting terrors of the asteroid belt, where the only means of avoiding the constantly swirling stones is the principle of action and reaction! To move in one direction, a space cadet must fire his weapon in the other direction, to push him along!
But the weirdest world of all awaits where gravity has gone wild-- on the upside down sphere of Turvia! And this is but a fraction of the fate to be found in-- The Adventures of Rad Gravity!

--From the NES Adventures of Rad Gravity instruction manual.

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