Arkista's Ring 1990 By: American Sammy Corporation

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You play a cute little elf named Christine who is trying to retrieve Arkista's Ring. You must battle one hundred twenty five levels of mazes and enemies to reach your goal. If you get to the end, you are allowed to start over with faster, harder enemies. Be sure to collect as many magic items as you can, such as the cure potions and the wand that lets you shoot fire balls.


This is a pure action game. Simply blast the enemies and make your way to the stairs, while collecting power ups and trying to stay alive. It's pretty cute, but there's not much depth to it.

A Button Fire arrows, Use Item
B Button Pause, Select item from Inventory
Start Button Same as B
Select Button Status Screen (between levels)
Full health
Simply walk into an altar (one of the little squares with a cross on it) to have your health restored. Note that it only works once per altar, so save it until you need it.
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