Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 1991 By: THQ

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Dr. Gangrene is trying to conquer the planet with an army of Killer Tomatoes. Only the all-American boy, Chad Finletter can stop him. Luckily, Chad gets some help from his friends: Wilber, Tara, and Fuzzy Tomato. He is going to need their help if he is going to defeat the likes of Zoltan, Ketchuk, and the Gang of Six. Explore the streets of San Zucchini, and try to stop the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Hop hop hop... fall in sewage. The loose controls on this game make simple navigation an annoying chore. Use save states liberally. We won't tell!


Defeat all the evil tomatoes by jumping on their heads. Your objective is to kill the five goons before your showdown with the ultimate tomato weapon. Watch out for sludge!

A Button Jump
B Button Nothing
Start Button Pause
Bonus Sequence
There is a bonus sequence at the end of the game, if you wait for the credits to finish.
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