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The President--Kidnapped?! But the really bad news is that the Dragon Ninja is responsible--and you alone can rescue President from his clutches. The Dragon Ninja has a helicopter waiting to spirit the President away. If he makes his getaway before you can stop him, the world will never see the President again. The Dragon Ninja will be ready for you. You can expect to face--at the very least--wave after wave of ninja henchmen, samurai, and super warriors as you make your way through city and forest, atop moving big rigs and freight trains.

Remember--the nation is counting on you!

--From the NES Bad Dudes instruction manual.

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As the story goes, the President was kidnapped by ninjas. Now, if that wasn't stupid enough for you, here: they want a couple of semi-buff dudes to rescue him. What do we pay the secret service for? Anyway, all joking aside, this game pretty much sucked. I do try not to give games sucky ratings, but I had no choice. As much as tried to like it, I just couldn't. The "Bad Dudes" in the game look as if my grandma had more martial skill than they do. The gameplay was horrible, the sound effects almost weren't there, and of course the story line was probably the worst I've ever heard. I mean that was all there was to it, the President was kidnapped by ninjas, and they want to know if you are a bad enough dude to rescue him. The only other part of it is the end, which I will spoil for you now, as a deterrent that may keep you from actually trying to beat this game. In the end the President says, "Hey dudes, thanks for rescuing me. Let's go for a burger... Ha! Ha! Ha!" The only good thing I can really say about it is that the graphics weren't too bad. There were a couple flickers, but all in all they weren't bad for an Arcade-to-NES conversion. Some people may have liked this game as children, but unless that is the case and you're just looking to relive you're childhood a little, don't play it longer than.... 20mins... uhhh.... 10mins.... on second thought, just don't play it.


Fight your way through all seven levels and bosses to rescue the president. You can choose Blade or Striker to fight with, both play exactly the same, they just look different. Three different kinds of items you will need: Cola refills 5 bars of your life, the clock adds on 5 seconds to your time, and weapons. The Dagger and the Nunchucks are powerful weapons that will kill ordinary ninjas in one hit. You carry them around with you until you die, and you can even take them between levels. Both do the same damage, they just look different.

A Button Punch/Kick
B Button Jump
Start Button Pause
Select Button Skip mission briefing
63 Extra Lives!
(At Title Screen) On controller 2, hold B and A, then tap up, down, up, down. Press start on the first controller.
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