Bandai Golf 1988 By: Bandai

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Pebble Beach is a golf course right on California's pristine Pacific Coast. The land is a nice piece of
real estate. Your goal is to play the best round of golf you can.


This is a golf game with real world physics, as well
as the rules of golf apply to this game. Wind will affect the direction of the ball when it is hit, hitting the ball out of sand traps will be more difficult than hitting the ball from the fairway, and most importantly, the slope of
the greens will make a putted ball roll off course. If the player believes that these factors will not affect the way the game is played, then the player's score will reflect that notion.

A Button Revert to the SHOT, COURSE, SCORE screen
B Button Go to SHOT Strength screen
Start Button Not used during the SHOT screen
Select Button Not used during the SHOT screen
Left and Right Changes the desired flight path of the ball
Up and Down Changes the club to be used for the shot
Slice and Hook
Remember that if you stop the meter early it will slice the ball and if you stop it late it will hook the ball.
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