Battle Tank, Garry Kitchen's 1990 By: Absolute Entertainment

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Smoke 'em Out!

Somewhere - deep, deep behind enemy lines - they're holding your NATO Commanding Officer hostage.

You know that there's convoy after convoy of enemy tanks out there - as well as enemy choppers, transformers, nuclear power bases, fuel tanks and more.

What you don't know is how deep you have to go into enemy territory. Or what lies at the end of each of their strongholds.

But that doesn't matter. You're going in anyway. You've got to.

And besides, you're powering one of the toughest tanks ever assembled: the M1. Tons and tons of sheer steel power. Punctuated with one of the most effective 150 mm cannons ever to let go of a shell.

That doesn't mean your job's going to be a piece of cake. Hardly. It just means you may have a chance. A chance to go in there - all the way. A chance to smoke them out. And bring your Commanding Officer back alive.

--From the NES Battle Tank, Garry Kitchen's instruction manual.

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