Bionic Commando 1988 By: Capcom

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I'll talk about a person which I've met when I was young.

In 198X we've found Nazz's top secret material called Albatross, a plan which never was put into practice. Imperial forces General Issimo Killt had never seen this plan, and decided to materialize this plan.

The federation decided to stop his attempt by sending our hero Super Joe, but lost contact with him. Our brave man (you the player) was sent to the empire with a special mission to rescue Super Joe, this story begins from here...

--From the NES Bionic Commando instruction manual.

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Bionic Commando is a pretty fun game. The graphics are well drawn, and the color palette was well chosen. The music was pretty good, but I found the sounds annoying. There were too many high pitched noises and white noise. The controls were responsive, but the bionic arm maneuver has nuances that are a little tricky. The gameplay is fun, but I didn't like the lack of ability to jump. In place of jumping you have the bionic arm. This unique game is definitely worth a try.


Save Super Joe and the world from the Badds by making it through 19 areas: 12 main stages and 7 neutral levels. When you begin the game, and between stages, you view a map of the areas. You move around like a board game to each area, then you decide which weapons and items to take with you.
Once you're finished, you descend into a side-scroller action stage. Use your bionic arm to swing over gaps and climb onto ledges. You can also use it to grab items that are out of reach. You start out with a normal gun and no life meter, but every enemy you kill gives you a bullet, and if you collect enough bullets you earn an extension of your life meter. You also need to bring your communicator with you into each area so you can keep in contact with your unit.
The object of each of the main areas is to destroy the energy core at the end. Each area you complete also earns you a new weapon or a useful item. You should also visit neutral areas, where firing is prohibited, for more items and information.
Power-ups include bullets, 1-ups, energy potions that refill your life, P.O.W. that will protect you from bad guys, and an eagle badge will give you a continue. There are also several weapons, including: standard cannon, wide cannon, rocket launcher, three way cannon, Super Joe's machine gun, and Hal's Bazooka. There are four different communicators, red, green, blue, and orange. Each one will be used in different areas to communicate with your cohorts, or to tap enemy lines.
There are also accessories that you can use by pressing start. Energy recovery pills recover energy, oddly enough. Flare bombs can be used to see better in the dark areas of level four. The rapid fire device allows the first weapon to fire without having to keep tapping the button. The permit will allow you to enter level 14 after you find it in level 6. The iron boots allow you to kick enemies to death when you swing into them rather than just stunning them.
Then, there is protective equipment that you will need to know about. The pendant will protect you from the first bullet to hit you in a level. The helmet will protect you from the first three bullets. The bullet proof vest will last the whole time, but it will only work for the first bullet in every burst of gunfire.

A Button Grapple
B Button Fire Gun
Start Button Start
Select Button Pause/Menu
Never Give Up!
If you're falling, quickly hit the A button as fast as you can, you may be able to grab something and save yourself!
Abort Mission
To abort the mission hold A+B and press start.
Skip Intro
If you hold A and B during the intro, you can skip it.
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