Bomberman 1985 By: Hudson

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Bomberman is a robot engaged in the production of bombs. Like his fellow robots, he had been put to work in an underground compound by evil forces. He found it to be an unbearably dreary existence. One day, he heard an encouraging rumor. According to the rumor, any robot that could escape the underground compound and make it to the surface could become human. Our hero leaped at the opportunity, but escape proved to be no small task. Alerted to his betrayal, large numbers of the enemy set out in pursuit. He can rely on bombs of his own production for his defense. Will he ever make it up to the surface? Once there, will he really become human?

--From the NES Bomberman instruction manual.

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Blow up everything! Well, except yourself, and that gets harder and harder. Blow up walls and bad guys. Collect cool bomb upgrades that allow you to drop more than one bomb at a time, or give you a bigger explosion thus allowing you to destroy more blocks faster.
This is a birds eye view style game with a grid of blocks that cannot be destroyed. The game spawns a few enemies and random blocks filling in certain areas of the map. As you play you blow up blocks to open up parts of the map and hopefully corner your enemies so you can destroy them. The level exits are found by blowing up the bricks as are the power ups.

The enemies look really surprised when they die, it's funny. Most of the sound effects are your standard bleeps and blips but the explosion sound is pretty good.


There are 8 different enemies and each one has its own movement pattern. If you can defeat all of the enemies with 7 or less bombs your score will be higher.

Valcom, looks like a lightbulb with eyes. Worth 100 points.

O'Neal, looks like a tomatoe with feet. Worth 200 points.

Dahl, a rectangle with horizontal lines. 400 points.

Minvo, a happy face with a big grin. 800 points.

Ovape, looks like one of the pacman ghosts. 100 points.

Doria, a bubble cloud type creature, 2000 points.

Pass, an angry tiger face, 4000 points.

Pontan, a not so happy face, 8000 points.

A bonus level is given after every five levels. The goal is to kill as many bad guys as you can in a limited time. On these levels Bomberman cannot be hurt by bomb explosions so use as much as you can!


Work your way across the screen blasting walls and baddies. Upgrades work as follows:
BOMB lets you drop more bombs (max of ten)

FIRE increases your blast by one square in each direction (max of five)

HEART allows you to detonate bombs remotely whenever you want

SKATES allow you to move faster

QUESTION MARK makes you invincible to baddies and explosions for 35 secs

BOMB WITH LINES allows you to walk through your bombs

MAN WITH LINES allows you to walk through bricks

BLACK FIGURE WITH FLAMES means you are now fire proof and can't be hurt by your bomb's fire
Collect the upgrades to make your game easier, and find the door within the time limit. If the time runs out, red button baddies will appear and they're super fast. They are just about impossible to survive. Defeat the enemies and then go through the door.

A Button Leave a bomb
B Button Detonate bombs remotely (with HEART upgrade)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Switch Choices in Startup
Baddie Boom
If you bomb a door or an upgrade, then meaner, faster baddies will come out of it. Avoid that.
Know Your Losses
If you are killed, you only lose the walk-through upgrades, detonator, and flame-proof upgrades.
Level 00 Password
Level 10 Password
Level 20 Password
Level 30 Password
Level 40 Password
Level 50 Password
Secret Level Password
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