Captain Comic 1989 By: Colordreams

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"It was magic most foul," Intoned one of the elders solemnly.

"Nonsense!" scoffed another, "It was simply science... thieves make good use of technology."

"Good use?" raged the third.

The elders of Osmic had come in full regalia, feathers and banners and the heavy gold chains of office, but the formal procession of leaders had not carried the hereditary badges of office- the Crown of Ages, the Mystical Gems of Lascorbanos or the Thousand Coins of Tenure. These had been stolen, most wickedly purloined, in an attempt to jeopardize the forthcoming festivities of the Trimillenial and were now reputedly hidden on the planet Tambi.

So they came to you- Captain Comic, galactic hero, righter of wrongs, and all around nice guy. It was most gratifying- ignore the rumor that they had gone to Orion O'Brian, that mercenary thug, and he had turned them down, calling the job "insanely dangerous" and saying the entire planet of Tambi, from its endless blue lakes to its impossibly blue moon, had not one cubic centimeter where a person could feel safe- nor a single benign life form. Tambi was a land of surprises- all bad.

Well, you're on the job now. Using your keen wits and well-honed reflexes, you must traverse the ever-changing and treacherous environs of Tambi and return the treasures of Osmic in time for the Trimillenial celebrations. Succeed, and you will be honored as a hero once more; fail, and three thousand years of galactic peace and prosperity crumble to comic- uh- cosmic dust.

--From the NES Captain Comic instruction manual.

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