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Set in prehistoric times (as you may have guessed by the title) you play as 1 of a choice of 6 cavemen all of whom have their own background the caveman Vincent for example is from North America and is known as one of the more intelligent cavemen. If i was to compare this game with any other i would say track and field and it is a real button masher, so in a nutshell this is a prehistoric version of track and field.


You can choose either a one or two player game, in one player mode you choose your caveman and you can either practice to sharpen your caveman skills play the main game, restart to change your choice of caveman or cave of fames (yeah they've punned most concepts. In practice mode you can choose through all of the main events at your discretion, in the main game you have to play through the events in a specific order with no mulligans if you mess up, its actually surprisingly difficult the A.I. isn't sophisticated but it still manages to make life hard for you.

Clubbing: in this event its a simple game push your enemy off the edge however it comes in two phases the first phase is called the intimidation phase where you push god knows what buttons, seriously using all my button bashing skills i have not found it which buttons do what in this phase, but it doesnt matter too much cuz this round only accounts for how close to the edge you are, in the 2nd stage a.k.a. the clubbing phase you have to beat your opponent off the edge, or to death whichever comes first, in order to win.

Mate Toss:
this event is your standard distance games you get 3 chances to throw your mate as far as possible the reaction of your mate tends to indicate how well your throw went. The controls for this game are a bit odd. Imagine your using a control with an analog or joystick and if you were spinning the analog around in a circle, well thats what your doing but with a d-pad. And that's how you build up speed.

Saber Race:
In this event you have to beat your opponent plus the 2 ton saber which starts a few yards behind you. If the saber gets a hold of your opponent it will stop to rip him to shreds giving you much greater odds of getting to the end of the race without getting ripped to shreds yourself.So my advice is to use the left d-pad button to pull your opponent back a few yards but be quick about it because they can do it to you as well.

Dino Race:
In this one your racing on dinosaurs in what seems like a Nintendo DS fashion with your opponent on a bottom screen.

In the final event you simply have to vault over a T-rex, easier said than done. In fact all the events have one thing in common, they are so very hard,except perhaps mate toss. Seriously though it's like this game was built just for a NES turbo controller all the opponents run so fast it seems like you're against someone with crazily fast trigger fingers. It is for this reason that i haven't been able to complete this game, yet.

Menu controls: Event controls: saber race Mate toss: Clubbing: intimidaition phase clubbing phase Fire start: Dino Race: Dino Vault:
A Button select character, mode, etc....
d-pad highlight a choice
Start Button Pause
A Button(rapidly) run
B Button jump
left (D-pad) pull opponent back (when level with opponent)
A Button(rapidly) Judge Angle
circular motion around d-pad (start slowly and gradually build up) build speed
A Button(rapidly) intimidate
many combinations of A or B + d-pad attack
A Button(rapidly) start fire
up (d-pad) blow embers
B button (d-pad) hit opponent
A Button(rapidly) run
B Button jump
A Button(rapidly) run
B Button Vault
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