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In 1957 a large object from outer space crashed into Earth's Amazon basin, near ruins of the lost Mayan civilization. Scientists world-wide heralded the incident as a trivial cosmic occurrence, and thus the collision was soon forgotten.

Now, thirty years later, rumors of an evil force have swept into the Pentagon's front office, and tales from frightened villagers of a hideous being with an army of alien henchmen are sending chills down the spines of top military brass.

Unwilling to upset current political stability, an all-out assault on the region has been overruled, and instead, two of America's most cunning, courageous and ruthless soldiers from the Special Forces elite commando squad have been selected to seek out and destroy these alien intruders.

Congratulations, pal, you're one of the chosen. But before you take pride in being the best, be warned.

You're about to come face to face against Red Falcon, the cruelest life-form in the galaxy. He arrived on Earth thirty years ago (that's six months time in an alien's life) to establish a foothold from which he will attempt to conquer our world and then use it as a stepping stone toward his ultimate fiendish goal: domination of the entire universe.

Needless to say, playing hero won't be easy. But you have no choice -- you must be a hero. Because if you fail, life as we know it will cease to exist, and the vile Red Falcon will rule forever.

If you succeed, doesn't matter, because I doubt you will.

--From the NES Contra instruction manual.

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Contra, the start of a very long and great series. Contra is the kinda game you can sink your teeth into. Guns, explosions, aliens, and most importantly, lots of killing. That's what a true game should consist of, and that's what Contra is all about. The graphics were great, which is something you can always expect from Konami. The music is catchy and the sounds are realistic, except for the sound it makes when you die. This is a great game for you and a bud, or just save the world by yourself. So have some fun, kill some aliens, thanks to Contra.


Choose one or two players. If you choose one, it's you against a world of badguys. If you choose to play with a friend, you will go for the glory together. If one of you dies, you can borrow an extra man from the other by pressing B.  
Most of the levels are a side-scrolling shoot'em up. A few, however, are shown from behind the heroes, and you must shoot forward at the enemies while dodging incoming fire. And one is shown the same as the side-scroller, except you're going up to climb the mountain. Make your way to the end of each level by killing baddies that get in your way. At the end of each level you will have to beat a boss. Each boss will require a different strategy to beat. It's usually a large alien, or a base to infiltrate.
Power-ups can be found by shooting red Falcon insignias. The only power-ups that are not weapons are the bulletproof (B), that makes you invincible for a short time, and the Flashing Eagle that will destroy all the enemies on the screen. The weapons are: a machine gun (M), a flame-thrower (F), a laser (L), spread-fire (S), and rapid-fire (R) that will make the shots from any weapon go faster. Remember that getting hit one time will kill you, so if you're not careful, you'll go through extra men very quickly.

A Button Jump
B Button Shoot Weapon
Start Button Pause, Unpause
Select Button Select 1 or 2 Players
30 Lives
At the Title Screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
Stage Select Mode
At the title screen, hold the D-pad up-left along with the Select and A button, and push Start.
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