Dig Dug 2 1986 By: Namco

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In this episode, DIG DUG's job is to protect peaceful islands. But as in the original arcade classic, his arch rivals POOKA and FYGAR come burrowing up to lay waste to his tropical paradise. With his great intuition, DIG DUG has prepared for the impending onslaught by driving spikes into the ground and readying his trusty drill and inflator. Team up with DIG DUG through 72 rounds of challenging play to defeat his enemies and bring peace back to his tropical paradise. Only with careful strategic use of the spikes can you and DIG DUG win.

--From the NES Dig Dug 2 instruction manual.

Available: 3
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The monsters come back to bury you alive, but Dig-Dug won't stand for that! So Dig-Dug grabs his trusty pump and his new jackhammer, and sets off on islands instead of underground to flush 'em out!


This game is just about the same as its prequel. You can still pump the enemies. But this has a new twist to it: you can use a jackhammer to drill into the ground, and you can kill more enemies! Grab all pickups for more points!

A Button Use jackhammer
B Button Use pump
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button Choose between 1 or 2 Player game
Level Select
After the title screen finishes scrolling, press and hold Select while simultaneously pressing A and Start. You can then pick the level you want to play with Up and Down on the D-Pad, and A to confirm.
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