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Meet Digger T. Rock, a brave little miner who dares to dig where no shovel has gone before! He just loves to uncover underground wonders. And he dreams of discovering a buried city bursting with golden treasures and ancient relics.

On this very morning, deep within a craggy, slippery cave, Digger stumbles upon a half-hidden sign pointing 'way, 'way down... to a Lost City! Holy boulders, what an awesome discovery! This is it! The dream come true! The biggest dig of all! But...

...is the sign a joke? Does the city exist? Can Digger really, (really) dig down that far?

So many question. So much dirt! And the caverns below must be full of unknown dangers. All these doubts put Digger between a rock and a hard place. But finally, firmly, Digger plants his shovel and begins his long, treacherous dig down.

So begins a journey we call the Big Dig, but it's far from the "hole" story! The adventure's just starting... for (you)! Can you help a boy and his shovel find this mysterious Lost City? What deep, dark secrets await you? What dangers lie ahead? And below?

Dig in and find out! Have tunnels of fun. But leave no stone unturned...

--From the NES Digger T. Rock instruction manual.

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