Double Dragon 2 1989 By: Acclaim

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"The Black Shadow Warriors. They've gunned down your girl. And you and your brother Jimmy Lee are out for revenge.

In your quest, you'll encounter nunchaku-toting enemy gangs. You'll battle through dangerous alleyways and in underwater tunnels. But nothing is too much for you two. Because you're trained masters of the invincible martial art of the Double Dragon.

This time they've gone too far!!!
Nuclear war has ravaged the city. And a gang of ruthless criminals, the Black Shadow Warriors, are trying to take over. They're Danger with a capital "D".

Thugs and muggers. Tough street chicks. Greasers and hoods. High-jumpers and karate choppers. Plus burly bosses, gruesome giants and freaky androbots.

First they hit the universally-famous Double Dragon Dojo, the home of the Double Dragon warriors. Martial arts students there were in constant training. Building their strength. Developing invincible moves. Honing their skills.

But they weren't powerful enough. Or fast enough. Because somehow the Black Shadow Warriors managed to overcome everyone of the men in training. And then they committed the ultimate crime: they gunned down your girl, Marion.

Only you and your brother are left. Left to take on the entire army of Black Shadow Warriors. Left to push them out of the city. To follow them back to the dangerous source of their operation. Back to where their leader is. Back to where you can avenge the loss of Marion.

You'll have to use every Double Dragon martial arts move you've mastered. The punches and kicks. The elbow smashes and jump kicks. The hair pulls and hair throws. Even the incredible "SPINNING CYCLONE" and "HYPER UPPERCUT."

The more you fight, the better you get. Which is a good thing. Because the deeper you get into Black Shadow territory, the more difficult things get.

This quest is unlike any you have ever embarked upon--with enemies unlike any you've ever encountered. In fact, you'll enter places no one outside of the Black Shadow gang has ever dared to go.

Places that hold a never-ending barrage of sheer terror. Places filled with warriors so evil, so treacherous, that only a Double Dragon warrior has a chance for survival.

And that's where this adventure begins..."

--From the NES Double Dragon 2 instruction manual.

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Double Dragon 2 was better than its predecessor in a lot of ways. First, the storyline has escalated a great deal. The "bad guy" from the first one is now one of the heroes. In the first one, your brother had kidnapped Marian, and this time he's gonna help you avenge her death. I guess you kicking his butt last time had a strong effect on the way he wants to live his life. Second, the graphics were a good deal better. The sprites looked a lot better and so did the backgrounds. Third, the two player ability was a lot better. Since your brother is here to help you this time, you can play two players at the same time. Double Dragon II: The Revenge was a great addition to the Double Dragon series. If you haven't played it yet, get going!


You and your twin brother have to avenge the death of your girlfriend Marian by tracking down and killing the Black Shadow Warriors and their leader the Winged Warrior.
Double Dragon 2 was great to play with a friend. They even had two modes: one where you could accidentally hit each other and one where you couldn't. The moves were greatly improved, with the ability to attack in either direction no matter which way you are facing. They did this by making one of the buttons attack left and the other attack right. This was great because you could be fighting someone and if another guy tried to come at you from behind, you could attack him without having to turn yourself around first.

A Button Attacks to the right
B Button Attacks to the left
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
Two player A is the one where you can't damage each other. Two player B, you can.
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