Double Dragon 3 1990 By: Acclaim

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"A Year Ago...

You did it. You crashed the super-complex of the Black Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon II, penetrating the heavily guarded Mansion of Terror.

But your final -- and most impressive -- triumph was against the Supreme Black Shadow Sensei. He had the agility of a cat, the eye of a hawk and the raw strength of a superbeast. (Note the word "had"!!!).

Yet the battle wasn't over -- because your beloved Marion lay still as a mountain stone. But suddenly... the color returned to her lips.

Marion lives. And you are now a Supreme Master, with a sense of power greater than you ever imagined possible...



Life has returned to normal.

Your famous Double Dragon dojo is doing well. Your students are learning the ways of the ancient masters and building their strengths.

Brett, one of your top students, tries to tell you what happened. But he is cut down before he has a chance...

But then it happens.

Suddenly, Marion has disappeared again. You meet Hiruko, a soothsayer and a friend. She explains that the only way to get Marion back is to produce, as ransom, the three Sacred Stones.

Hiruko promises to lead you to them, but they are scattered from one end of the world to the other. And each is heavily guarded.

As you travel the globe, you'll fend off Ninpou masters, Ninja warriors, and hordes of others. You'll use your incredible cyclone spin kick and your newest achievement, the "mid-air somer-assault."

Follow Hiruko to Marion. And discover the truth behind the Sacred Stones."

--From the NES Double Dragon 3 instruction manual.

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Double Dragon 3 was a bit of a let-down. The graphics, story, and controls were better in the second one. Games should get better as the series goes on, but it doesn't in this case. They got rid of the "attack in either direction" way of fighting. This made fighting much harder. The graphics were grainier than Double Dragon 2, and the sprites didn't look as good either. The storyline just lacked luster. It was almost the same as the first one. Again, Marion has got herself kidnapped. Seems that after she got kidnapped the first time and killed the second time, they would have come up with a better way to keep her safe. Maybe they should have done a story about Billy and Jimmy's students competing in a karate tournament to save the dojo because they are behind on the rent. You could get to play a bunch of characters that were students of the dojo. Well maybe something a little less lame, but better than what they had. I was just expecting a good deal more from Double Dragon 3. It's still not a bad game, and it's necessary to play it if you want to be able to say you played all of the games in the series.


Collect The Sacred Stones to pay the ransom for Marian. She has been kidnapped by an unknown party. Good luck!

A Button Punch
B Button Kick
Start Button Pause
Select Button Weapons Menu
Mid Air Somersault
Be sure to use this move as much as possible, it is your best one.
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