Double Dribble 1987 By: Konami of America, Inc.

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The World Championship Is At Your Fingertips

You're 5 on 5 against mighty Los Angeles in a championship series deadlocked at three games apiece. The last six meetings have been grueling. Your opponent's defense has been brutal, his offense awesome. But you've managed to hang through, running your game plan, crashing the glass, forcing turnovers, and firing in three point bombs.

Now it's crunch time. The final game. And though your team is battered and bruised they still have speed to drive the lane, muscle to power past picks, talent to break free underneath, and most importantly enough heart to win.

So, primed for victory, you charge into the arena. Fans packed to the rafters cheer from the edge of their seats. Thousands of reporters wait to make you the hero or the goat.

It's all or nothing. And you're up for the challenge. Because you're a pro, ready to be crowned champion of the world.

--From the NES Double Dribble instruction manual.


Double Dribble was the first basketball game to ever feature 5 on 5 team play, and not only that but it got away from the top scrolling most b-ball games before it came to use quite exclusively. Instead, it went the route of a combination of side scrolling and top scrolling to give it an immersive 3D feel. Well, at least for its time anyway. It was also the first game to use cut scenes for dunks, which was totally cool when it was still 1987.

Before you get to the menu every time you start the game, the only real annoyance of Double Dribble occurs. It shows a fairly long scene of an arena filling and a badly orchestrated version of the National Anthem. After youíve been inundated by balloons, you go to a menu that allows you to choose between 1 of 3 different teams. All of their skill levels are exactly the same though, so it comes down to what your favorite color is. Personally, Iím a red man, so Chicago it is for me. You can then choose your quarter length and skill level. The menu system was fairly nifty for 1987, too.


Show your skills on the court in a 5 on 5 battle for hardwood supremacy.

Start Button Pause
A Button Pass(Offense), Steal(Defense)
B Button Shoot(Offense), Switch Player(Defense)
Fly Boy
If you shoot while you're running down court, you'll defy gravity and soar like an eagle close to 30 feet! God, I loved game physics back in the day.
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