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Hi everybody! I'm Mario. How's it going? Over the last few years, I've been involved in some pretty wild adventures. Now, believe it or not, I work in the virus research lab at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital. Today I'm about to begin my research as usual.

"Dr. Mario, something terrible has happened!"
"What's wrong, nurse Toadstool?"
"One of the experiments has gone out of control. The viruses are spreading quickly!"

"Oh no! We've got to do something! I have just developed a new vitamin that should be able to take care of it. I sure hope this stuff works!"

--From the NES Dr. Mario instruction manual.

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Dr. Mario was one of the first games to come out that was in direct competition with Tetris. Dr. Mario offered cool music, graphics, and a different take on how the pieces were to be placed. Instead of putting the pieces together as to leave as little holes as possible, you had to make a line of four in the same color. It also offered a little more storyline, with Mario saving the world from the evil viruses with different colored vitamins. Dr. Mario is highly addictive and a lot of fun. I used to play for hours on end. I remember staying up till dawn playing it with my ex girlfriend's mom. This was a very popular game for Nintendo. Another big difference between Dr. Mario and Tetris was the ability to play against a friend. While playing against your buddy, you could get a combo and drop random blocks on him/her. That was very frustrating. It made for some great "friendly" competition. Dr. Mario also had a wide range of difficulty because you could set the number of viruses you started out with along with how fast the vitamins would fall. Of course, it also had three music options: Fever, Chill, and off. Dr. Mario was one of the best puzzle games on the NES. If you haven't tried it yet, go for it!


Drop the pills on the same color virus as the pill! When all the viruses have been eliminated, you move on to the next level. Be careful the levels get harder as you go along.

A Button Rotate vitamin right
B Button Rotate vitamin left
Start Button Pause/Unpause, start game
Select Button Move cursor on title screen
Quick Reset
During the game, press: Select, Start, A, B simultaneously to reset the game.
If you beat levels 5,10,15, or 20 on MEDIUM or HIGH speed, you will get a small cut-scene. Also level 20 on LOW speed as well.
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