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Though the time of his deeds has long faded, still the name of Erdrick commands respect among even the greatest of warriors. Stories of his lineage are legendary throughout the land and have been retold through the ages in the most remote villages and townships. Long ago a young man, who was a descendant of Erdrick, saved the Kingdom of Alefgard by defeating the dreaded Dragonlord. The young man came to this land accompanied by Princess Gwaelin. Together they built TORLAND. This legend has been handed down generation to generation from the ancient time. Princess Gwaelin brought forth three children. To the eldest prince was given the land of Midenhall. To the youngest prince the land of Cannock became his birthright. The youngest princess was given the land of Moonbrooke. The descendants of Erdrick were fair and just rulers, as were their children, and the people of these kingdoms lived in peace for 100 years. One day, however, this peace suddenly came to an end. Hargon the Sorcerer attacked Moonbrooke Castle and attempted to rule the world by calling the ill-omened gods from the dark. Although terrible losses were suffered, one soldier escaped the sacking of Moonbrooke Castle.

Though seriously wounded, he made his way to Midenhall Castle to warn the King. The King was old and could not go forth to do battle against Hargon, so he turned to his heir to accept this task. Yes, you are the heir to the King and a true descendant of Erdrick the Great.

Before you lies a world of mystery and imagination. You will encounter enemies and riddles which will test your strength and knowledge. Your journey has just begun...

--From the NES Dragon Warrior 2 instruction manual.

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Dragon Warrior 2 is an excellent example of an early RPG. One of the classics that started it all. As we all know, the makers of this game, Enix, went on to team up with Squaresoft, and has since then, started one of the largest gaming sagas ever, Final Fantasy. This was one of the stepping stones for almost all current RPG's. This game's graphics were the epitome of functional. They weren't that good, but they didn't suck either -- functional. The sounds were decent, the music was catchy and the sound effects were cool. The controls were easy to learn, yet there were plenty of actions your characters could choose from. The story was interesting, which is essential for any RPG. The gameplay was awesome. This is a game that I still like to play in 2009 and it was made back in 1990. With non-linear gameplay, there are several possibilities for your party, so this game is fun every time you play. This addition and the other games of the Dragon Warrior series are a must play for any RPG fan.


This game allows the player to control more than one character, and it is the first one in the Dragon Quest series
to do so. The player controls his or her characters as they move in the game world. They can search treasure
chests, talk and trade with villagers, equip weapons and armor, and cast spells.

While wandering the fields, towers, caves, seas, or dungeons, the player encounters battles that happen randomly.
Battle mode introduces groups of monsters, which is an upgrade from the one-on-one battles of Dragon Warrior.
In the battle mode, the player gives orders to the characters on how to fight the monsters. Once the player
defeats all of the monsters, the characters gain experience points and gold. The experience points raise the
characters' experience levels. This improves the characters' attributes, and they may also learn new spells.

To win, the player must fight many monsters to improve the characters' experience levels and get gold to buy
better weapons and armor. Eventually, the player's characters become strong enough to make it to the next town or
dungeon. This repeats until the player reaches the final boss and defeats him. However, the gameplay is not
necessarily linear, especially after the player gets the boat. Exploration is a key component of the game.

The game offers a few spots to save the game. In most of the towns, talking to a king or minister saves the
game. It also allows deletion and the moving of saved games. This was a upgrade from the Japanese version, which
utilized a password system to restore progress.

Dragon Warrior II is noted for greatly expanding the game play from the previous game, Dragon Warrior. Dragon
Warrior II is the first game in the series to feature multiple heroes and enemies in a battle, as well as a
sailing ship. It was also the first to have weapons which cast spells when used in battles. In addition,
Dragon Warrior II offers a wider array of spells and items and a much larger world.

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Item/Spell Chart
There is a chart of items, weapons, and spells at GameFAQs
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