Duck Tales 1990 By: Capcom

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Uncle Scrooge is a world class millionaire and a lover of adventure. His goal this time is to obtain the five lost treasures that were scattered throughout the world. He is off on his adventure with the help of Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby. They will travel with him through the jungles of the Amazon, the snow topped peaks of the Himalayas, the haunted house in Transylvania, the subterranean mines of Africa, and to the surface of the Moon. How many of the lost treasures will you be able to find?

--From the NES Duck Tales instruction manual.

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It's just you and your cane, at first it doesn't seem like much, but your cane is an invaluable tool! When jumping press down and B to start a pogo jump. This can break bricks and treasure chests as well as kill enemies.
The other use for your cane is your swing. Walk towards an object until you're walking into it. Press B to go into swing stance, then press B again. You can't hurt enemies this way.

A Button Jump
B Button Use Cane
Start Button Pause
Select Button Change Level
Bonus Stage
If you have a 7 in the ten thousands place (I.E. 70,000, 170,000, 270,000) and you go back with Launch Pad(the big duck) he will drop you off in a bonus stage.
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