Faxanadu 1988 By: Hudson Soft

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The Elf town, Eolis, was once a town boasting peace and prosperity. Yet, now it is on the verge of destruction. Meteorites are raining down upon the World Tree and crazed monsters have taken the opportunity to run amuck. Wells are drying up and people are in the grips of fear.

To restore peace again, someone has to penetrate the giant World Tree and overthrow the Evil One that lives in the Evil Place. Now it is your mission to set out on a journey bearing the hopes of the people of Eolis.

--From the NES Faxanadu instruction manual.

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Faxanadu is a good example of an action/adventure game with RPG elements thrown in. The story is that you were away for some time and upon return you find your tree town to
be overrun by dwarves. You belong to the race of elves. The dwarves attempt to rule your people by taking your water supply. The King wants you to save them. In return, he gives
you fifteen hundred "golds" to start your journey. I'm usually not the one to complain, but maybe he could have spared a little more. Let's say that's all he had. Well, why didn't he at least order the townsfolk to hook you up with some weapons and armor? Instead, you have to pay just like anyone else, so be careful how you spend your money.

Faxanadu is pretty enjoyable game. The graphics were pretty
good and the sounds weren't bad either. The only complaint I have is in the gameplay. It seems that they would have made it possible to kneel. As they didn't, you have to kill
things below your knees with magic until you get a weapon with a downward strike. Aside from that, it was a good game. I recommend you give it a shot.


Save your town from the water-stealing dwarves!

As you go on your journey it will be very important to talk to everyone and note what they say. You will gain experience and money as you kill bad guys. When you think you are near gaining a level, hit up a guru in one of the towns and he will level you up if need be. As you start
to collect a lot of money, buy new and improved armor, shields, weapons, and items, they will help you on your way.

A Button Jump
B Button Attack
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Menu
Bonus gold
Speak to the King at the start of the game and spend all the money that he awards. Return to the King to collect another 1500 gold pieces. This may be done whenever all gold has been spent.
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