Flight of the Intruder 1991 By: Mindscape

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It is May, 1972. Guerillas supplied by North Vietnam are threatening the U.S. backed South. President Nixon has ordered the U.S. Navy to increase air strikes against targets in Haiphong and Hanoi to disrupt the North Vietnamese war effort. The operation is known as the Linebacker Campaign.

Flight of the Intruder is played in a series of twelve missions. The missions begin on April 30, 1972 as the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) send hostile forces to attack the USS Constellation on Yankee Station. The missions increase in difficulty and deadliness as the Linebacker Campaign progresses. How will you do on each mission determines your rank at the end of the game.

The Navy used two of its finest planes during Project Linebacker, the F-4 Phantom all-weather interceptor and the A-6 Intruder all-weather carrier-based strike bomber. Your will have a chance to use both planes. As a Phantom pilot, your piloting skills will be tested as you go up against the formidable MiG 21 jets of the North Vietnamese air force.

In the seat of an A-6, you will strike at ground targets while avoiding flak and deadly ground-to-air missiles.

--From the NES Flight of the Intruder instruction manual.

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