Flying Dragon 1988 By: Culture Brain

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Hiru-No-Ken is the ultimate Kung-Fu stance that gives the impression of a Flying Dragon. The Grand Master Juan was robbed of the secret scrolls of Hiru-No-Ken. He entrusted the remaining scroll to his worthy companion, Gengai of Shorinji


Use your basic Punch and Kick (Up to jump) against the enemies as you move to the left. Eventually (If you killed enough enemies in the right area) a mini boss will show up. Defeat them and you will gain a power. Rinse and repeat until you beat all five then rush to the doors quickly!TOURNAMENT MODE:

There are a few extra moves you can do by pushing in a direction with the control pad, and hitting A+B at once when your KO meter is full.

A Button Kick
B Button Punch
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing
Elimination Mode ~ AASO
World Tournament ~ BAAA
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