Friday the 13th 1988 By: LJN Ltd.

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It's a pretty typical summer at Crystal Lake. There's a group of happy children staying in the Camp. You and your six Camp Counselor friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the lake and the wilderness. The days are bright and sunny. The nights are cool and clear. And Jason is on a rampage.

It's up to you to stop him, but it's not going to be easy. You must first fight your way through forests filled with man-eating wolves, caves covered with blood sucking bats and hordes of mindless zombies everywhere you turn. You must also help any friend who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. And hiding in a cabin or staying adrift in a canoe won't keep you safe - Jason will find you anywhere. The only way to survive this summer is to challenge Jason face to face, and destroy him.

--From the NES Friday the 13th instruction manual.


While at camp, six counselors have heard the legend of Camp Blood and the boy named Jason Voorhees. They actually believe the legend, a smart move on their part. Then Jason comes back to kill everyone, and even resurrected his dead mom and victims. So now the six counselors must put an end to Jason's terror once and for all!


You get to play as one of the six counselors, each with a different style, yet same basic moves. The object of this game is to prevent Jason Voorhees from killing anybody. But with zombies popping out of the ground, it might be difficult. You can enter cabins and row boats, too! Fight the baddies with selected weapons!

A Button Jump
B Button Throw weapon
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button Access menu while in cabin
Zombie Removal
This trick will help you to clear the paths (not in the forest) during the dusk/night hours. After killing off six Zombies, a Crow will appear in the air, coming at your Counsellor from whichever direction the Counsellor is facing (this means that it will try to fly into you). The trick is to kill Zombies while facing the opposite direction you wish to go, have the Crow appear, and then head down the path ahead of it. You will need to keep the Crow following you, so the pace will be slow, but the reward is no Zombies to deal with until you lose your Crow follower.
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