Gargoyle's Quest 2 1992 By: Capcom

Gargoyle's Quest 2 NES Screenshot Screenshot 1


Demon - warrior - hero!

A long time ago, between the age of the dinosaurs and the dawn of mankind, there existed the magical world of Etruria. A local monster named Firebrand from the Ghoul Realm was busy training in the arts of the warrior. He is a young and powerful gargoyle - human in shape, yet he has leathery wings with massive claws on his hands and feet.

He studies at the Warrior's Training Center to use his combat talents in defense of the Ghoul Realm. His time comes (sooner than he expected), as a mysterious black light appeared one day and drained the magic from the land.

--From the NES Gargoyle's Quest 2 instruction manual.


A great sequel to a great game. Again, the mix of RPG elements and action platforming works surprisingly well. The graphics and game-play are very similar to the Game Boy original, but in color. The music and sound effects are much improved, though still not great. As always with the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, it's the fun and challenge of Gargoyle's Quest that will hook you in and stay with you.

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