Gauntlet 1985 By: Atari

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The story of the Sacred Orb

The black clouds swirled over the heads of the chosen ones. Four has come this far, but only two would continue. The portal to their deadly challenge awaited. Foreboding screams rose up from the Gauntlet.

Morak the Evil One cackled in glee as he watched the intrepid warriors prepare to enter his most terrible Gauntlet. He knew they would never reach their goal. The Sacred Orb would remain forever imprisoned at the lowest level of the Gauntlet. Without the Sacred Orb, Morak knew the mortals that inhabited Rendar would be helpless against his evil magic.

Morak had plundered the lands and hidden his booty in the Gauntlet. He garrisoned his henchmen in the Gauntlet to guard it. There were ghosts, grunts, demons, sorcerers, and even incarnations of death itself.

But could the Sacred Orb be in the Gauntlet? No mortal knew for sure. If nothing else, the warriors could retrieve the treasures of Rendar that Morak had plundered and stored in the Gauntlet. If only all four warriors could all continue, on this, the last leg of their quest. Alas, the portal only allowed passage of two mortals. The warriors need your help. Choose from among them the two that shall continue: Become Thor the warrior, Thyra the valkyrie, Merlin the wizard or Questor the elf.

The fate of Rendar is in your hands.

--From the NES Gauntlet instruction manual.

Available: 5
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The overall object of this game is to get to the EXIT sign to advance to the next level.

You can choose from 4 different fighters: Thor the warrior, Thyra the valkyrie, Merlin the wizard or Questor the elf. Each one has their own weaknesses and strengths.

There are several enemies such as ghosts, grunts, lobbers, and black deaths. Most monsters come from generators, which reproduce the same type of monster. Attack the generators to stop them from making more monsters! It might take a couple of hits, so be patient. Collect power-ups to make your fighting easier!

A Button Shoot weapon
B Button No real use
Start Button Pause & bring up info, confirm selection
Select Button Switch between 1 or 2 Players
No Damage Due To Ghosts
When a ghost approaches, shoot the weapon and hold the button. If you keep it like that, then the ghost will go right through your character, causing no damage.
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