Golgo 13 1988 By: Vic Tokai

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High above New York Ciy a helicopter explodes. Aboard the craft is the latest bacteriological warfare weapon secretly developed by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)... Cassandra-G. A vaccine and plans have been stolen from among the fragments of the helicopter wreckage. A shell fired from an M-16 has been discovered.

The copter was shot down from fire from an expert sharpshooter armed with an M-16 carbine..... The Cia concludes that the act was the responsibilty of the super sniper, Golgo-13. An official release by the CIA links Golgo-13 to the KGB(the Soviet intelligence group).

Under these circumstances, The CIA Copter Incident, and the where- abouts of Cassandra-G become entangled. A representative of the secret international organization called FIXER transmits a message. FIXER believes the affair is the work of the remnants of the DREK Empire and not Golgo-13. After the dispatch, the representative disappears. The situation becomes more and more mysterious. A man who calls himself Condor agrees to help FIXER.

In East Berlin because Condor has received some information on Cassandra-G, the CIA, KGB, and even DREK are threats to his life. On request from FIXER Golgo-13 has gone into action. He is to get information on a vaccine from Condor and eliminate the leader of the DREK group.

But wouldn't you know it? Just who is this ultimate target of Golgo- 13? Just where is this Condor? And just who is the real culprit behind the CIA helicopter explosion?

Many enemies await you... Now that you have become Golgo-13 let's go to East Berlin.

--From the NES Golgo 13 instruction manual.

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