Goonies 2 1987 By: Konami

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Welcome to Slime City

They're back! Kookie old Ma Fratelli and her slime-ball sons have returned to wreak havoc in your neighborhood. And this time they've not only kid- napped your Goonie buddies, but your good friend, Annie the Mermaid, as well. What a bunch of low lifes, this Fratelli Gang.

Now it's up to you, the last Goonie left, to save the day. But it won't be easy. You'll have to be a quick thinker and a fast tracker to pull off this mission - you'll have to be a regular Super Goonie to succeed! So good luck, and good riddance to Ma, her boys, and all the scuzzy cohorts awaiting your adventure into the Fratelli zone.

--From the NES Goonies 2 instruction manual.

Available: 4
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This game is meant as a sequel to the movie, The Goonies. Mikey is the main hero of The Goonies movies who, in this game, must save the other Goonies from the Fratelli family. You also have to save Annie the Mermaid. Can you do it?!


You basically go back and forth on a board collecting power-ups and meeting weirdo characters such as Fishman and Konamiman. You also face some easy and tough villains! You have weapons such as a yo-yo, a slingshot, a boomerang, and bombs! Collect armor like the helmet and vests.

A Button Jump
B Button Use weapon
Start Button Show map and menu
Select Button Pause/Unpause
All items and Goonies
Enter this password at "Continue":
K'O N248 4SR ''OOS
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