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It's just you're one to turn to for help. Sure the odds are against you, but this is when you can really show your stuff. You've got your Nintendo Zapper in your hand and a pretty good supply of paint pellets. Don't waste any 'cause you'll need them all. Your opponents are all around and they're good shots.

Whether you're in the dense green woods, the steamy urban ghetto, or the snow covered winter forest, there's only one thing on your mind...survival. Register a hit on an enemy player and mark him with a paint splot. Watch out though, because in this game they shoot back and the only way to be safe is to shoot first and shoot straight. This is the ultimate challenge...dare to take it...try to survive.

--From the NES Gotcha instruction manual.

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Point and Click Zapper action. Gotcha the Sport is a capture-the-flag style game played with paintball guns. Your mission is to get through the level, capture the enemy flag by shooting it, and return it to your base. All while trying not to get shot by the other team, or run out of ammo.
Graphically, I would have to say Gotcha was designed and implemented fairly well. The backgrounds and characters are detailed and well-drawn, and the animation is clean. The real disappointment here is that they only bothered to make three levels, which loop indefinitely. This detracts a bit from replay value.
The sounds and music in Gotcha the Sport are nothing special, you might end up muting this one after a while.


Gotcha is one of the few Light Gun games which allows you to control where you move as targets present themselves. This requires a bit of ambidexterity when holding a controller in one hand and a Zapper in the other, but using the mouse actually makes it easier.
Getting the flag and making it back home gives you something to do besides just endlessly shoot up the other team, which adds significantly to the fun of the game. Also you can choose whether to concentrate on shooting as many as you can, or just getting the flag as quickly as possible. Of course, you are on a time limit so you can't just stop and wait to shoot everyone you see.
Accuracy is pretty important because you have limited ammo, but ammo is available during the game. Ammo boxes can be found sitting on the ground or carried by enemies in the background. Interestingly, it seems that only misses cost you ammo, so if you always hit you'll get a huge bonus for leftover ammunition.

Use Left and Right to scroll back and forth through the levels.
Use your mouse as a Zapper to shoot the enemies.
Flag Carriers
If the enemy team gets to your flag, you will see the orange flag symbol moving at the top of the screen. You must get to the flag carrier and shoot him before he gets back to the enemy base, or you will lose the level.
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