Guardian Legend 1988 By: Broderbund

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The Guardian Legend

Long ago, in a distant galaxy, an alien race sent a huge world - called Naju - hurtling toward Earth, loaded with a cargo of mysterious life forms.

During the long journey, these creatures have multiplied and become increasingly evil - and now Naju teems with evil. However, deep within this complex globe are self-destruct mechanisms that can be activated to destroy it before it reaches Earth.

Now, you must battle your way deep within Naju's labyrinths to destroy the alien world. You are the guardian of Earth and your saga will become The Guardian Legend

The Labryinth: The external maze on the surface of Naju consists of passages and rooms.

The Dungeon: Inside Naju, there are mysterious corridors created by the huge, evil life forms.

--From the NES Guardian Legend instruction manual.


Once upon a time there was a space station called Naju. Naju was invaded by a hostile alien race a sent reeling towards earth. During the trip to earth the hostiles have multiplied and converted the Najus to their evil ways. Now, the space station is nearing earth and it is up to you to infiltrate it and find the self-destruct mechanisms inside. You play a robot capable of transforming into a fighter jet. The world expects you to live up to the
name, "Guardian Legend."
The graphics in this game were very well rendered, and the sound wasn't bad either. This was a highly underrated game. I'm sure you've never heard of it, so when you get a chance, check it out.


I really liked how this game mixed an overhead shooter with an adventure game. I didn't play it too long, but I liked what I saw. It seems as though you will spend a lot of your time in the labyrinths of the space station. It doesn't take long to blast your way through the flying scenes. The inside of the space station is where you have to a lot of exploring and problem solving. It's got something for everyone.

A Button None
B Button Fire
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Menu
Start With Everything
Just go to continue at the start screen and input this code:

hRyY eFGY b5hU 2pVV iaKK lmCV xwfp zWES
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