Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992 By: THQ Inc.

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Based on the movie directed by Chris Columbus, Kevin McCallister gets separated from his family when they try to catch a missed flight. While his family goes to Florida, Kevin ends up in New York! But everyone wants to find him, but will Kevin prevail in getting home safely?


Try to get out of New York in this movie-based game. Get weapons like darts and fists, and power-ups like pizza, candy canes, and bottles! Attack all the enemies that get in your way with those weapons and power-ups.

A Button Jump
B Button Use selected item
Start Button Start game, pause/unpause
Select Button Switch Items
Secret Warp!
Play the first world (Hotel) until you get to the 16th floor. When you enter the first room on that floor, enter it and grab the aftershave power-up. Exit that room and head for the second room. Shoot all of your darts until you have no more. Then walk to the closest door in the room and press Up, and you'll wind up in the Holy Joe Warp! Note: If you press Start while in the warp, you'll end up back at the start, so read the full greeting, and you'll end up in the 2nd world with 16 darts!
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