Ice Hockey 1988 By: Nintendo

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Ice hockey is hard hitting, fast-action competition. Each team tries to put the puck into its opponent's goal. A game consists of three periods, and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins. When the score is tied at the end of the three periods, the game is decided with penalty shots. If the score is still tied following the penalty shots, the game goes into over- time without goalkeepers.

--From the NES Ice Hockey instruction manual.

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You can choose from 6 international teams: U.S.A., Sweden, Poland, Canada, Russia, and "TCH". The forms of players come in thin (fast), medium (average), and fat (slow). The object of this game is to get more goals than your opponent. The game will seem frustrating at times, but with practice, you'll get better! Change players on the game screen with A and B before the ref shows up!


Play one of the greatest sports of all time, in this game of ice-skating, puck-hitting action!

A Button Pass the puck
B Button Shoot puck
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Non-Stop Puck and No goalies!
On the title screen, hold down the A and B buttons on controllers 1 and 2, then press start on controller 1, now you'll have a puck that never stops moving, and no goalies at the nets.
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