Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edition 1990 By: Gametek

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It's been 41 years since Jeopardy first showed its face on the millions of television screens, from the army base to the autistic research center, to the gym to the home at night. It's been a great show, but the 3rd Jeopardy game made for the NES really doesn't have an impact.

First-off, the first Jeopardy game for the NES used the engine this one uses, so it's not much of a change of scenery. The only thing that really changed, was that the podiums were more of a teal-like color, the questions and answers were different, and the opening animation was different as well, just like in the Wheel of Fortune Family Edition. If this game had been made with the Super Jeopardy engine, it might have looked much better.

In my personal opinion, this game was certainly not worth buying unless you didn't have the original NES Jeopardy, or you did but you knew every answer and question the minute you saw it. But then, if you wanted the full NES collection, this would have to be there. But if you want to try it, go ahead, it's right here.


Play the best game of Jeopardy possible, by asking questions to the answers given.

Control pad Up Ring In
A Button Pick categories and letters
B Button Pick letters and categories
Start Button Exit menu and start game
To Challenge Yourself
Computers too hard for you? You can turn them off when the option that says "Play against computer" comes up. Just move it to "N" and you're good to go.
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