Jeopardy Junior Edition 1988 By: Gametek

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Welcome to Jeopardy. Junior edition.

Jeopardy Junior is played the same way as normal Jeopardy, but the clues are very easy to work out. It's perfect for kids who are 8 years old and up, because they know so much of this stuff already. The categories have obvious names, so that kids won't be messed up trying to figure out what the category is about. For example, there might be a category about food. In normal Jeopardy, the category might be called "Let's Eat". In Junior, the category is "Food". It's a simple system and it works quite well.


The object of Jeopardy is to give the question to an answer. Really simple. Anyone who's seen Jeopardy will know how the game is played.

Control pad "Up" Ring In
A Button Choose letter or number
B Button Choose letter or number
Start Button Exit start menu and enter game
Select button Nothing
Easy way to get points/money
First you'll need the internet (that's obvious, because you need the internet to use Console Classix) while you find an answer you don't know, go to a search engine and look up information on the answer you are on. It might take a while, but you can rack up lots of money doing it.
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