Joust 1987 By: Hal

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In the medieval age, knights were proving their skills and bravery by playing the game called JOUST. In the future well beyond our knowledge, the knights of hyperspace are playing their version of JOUST. They saddle up the space ostrich, and fight with aliens. You must adjust yourself to this unknown environment called hyperspace. You are not fighting for fame or glory, you are fighting for your own life. Knock the aliens off before they get to you. It is not an easy task, but somebody must do it. Can you be the survivor of this space fight? Good Luck! Believe me you will need it.

--From the NES Joust instruction manual.

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How on earth did you fall into this bizarre world? Look around you -- the sky is filled with knights astride enormous armored buzzards. These characters look mean, and the buzzards they ride don't look very friendly either.


Classic game, plain and simple. In this game, you play an ostrich rider, and you must destroy the enemy ostrich riders. Sounds easy? No way! It starts easy, with the full platform, but as you advance, the platform begins to shorten, and eventually disappear. To kill enemies, you must jump on them, and when you successfully do it, it lays an egg, which you can collect!

A Button One Tap Flap
B Button Rapid Flapping
Hurry Up!
Be sure to wok as fast as you can to clear a board. If you take too long a pterodactyl will appear and he is very hard to kill.
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