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Think you can handle a real Martial Arts challenge? Then how about guiding DANIEL SAN through the series of hazards, obstacles and challenges that stand in his path? But don't think that just being able to fight will get you through. This time its not enough to just punch, kick, and jump...this time your total Martial Arts training will be put to the test. Your discipline and inner control could be what saves your life. You must prove that you are capable of thinking, reasoning, and reacting. Catching a fly with your chopsticks, or splitting blocks of ice with your bare hand is just as important as fighting face to face with your enemy.

This challenge will take you to the Karate Tournament in L.A., the back roads of Okinawa and many strange areas beyond. Always keep your mind clear and remember all that you've been taught and maybe...just maybe. .. you'll make it.

--From the NES Karate Kid, The instruction manual.


You are Daniel, a Teenage boy who decided to take up karate so you could defend yourself from the bullies that beat you up on the first day of school in a new town. You took your lessons from an old Japanese man named Mr. Miyagi, an expert in the field of karate. He's brought you to a tournament, where you must fight your way through. Once the tournament is done, you begin your adventure in Okinawa. Can you beat up all the bad guys and make your way to the end?

This game is best played with strategy, not cheapness. Try to figure out ways to combine your moves like a true karate kid. If you try to take your opponent down cheaply, he'll just use strategy to get you. It'll take time, but you'll come out swinging after long times of trying. The game has a pretty good arsenal of sounds, the music should be on a SNES (it's good, in other words) and you get your fix of NES martial arts action.


You have 3 chances, an awesome karate outfit, a tight muscle shirt and sweatpants to start with. As you go along, you beat up other red suited guys for no apparent reason and pick up letters that bring your health up. You're playing along like in the movie, The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part II. And you've got lots to do. You can even train with that axe that Mr. Miyagi trains you with (it's in one of the screenshots) That's exactly what you should expect from this game. The accuracy it has to the movie. Most video games, even today, don't have accuracy to the films they're based on.

A Button Punch
B Button Kick
Start Button Starts the game
Select button Nothing
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