Karnov 1987 By: Data East

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KARNOV, the fire-breathing Russian, is seeking the Lost Treasure of Babylon. He runs, swims, climbs and flies through nine levels of game play. Countless bizarre enemies of various sizes and strengths are out to prevent KARNOV from finding the treasure!

--From the NES Karnov instruction manual.

Available: 4
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Karnov, a big fat Russian man, is on a quest to find treasure, and who can really blame him? Not me! There's enemies that are standing in his way, but he can use his firepower to keep some odds in his favor.


Even though Karnov may look like your everyday sidescroller, it is very unique. You have 2 hit points. When you take one hit, you turn blue, literally! After that, take another hit, and it's over for you! You can get to different power-ups, like being able to shoot more than one fireball and taking to the skies! This game can also be funny at times.

A Button Jump
B Button Fire
Select Button Use Items
Continue Game
Hold Select and press Start when the person stops talking at the game over screen.
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