Kid Kool 1988 By: Vic Tokai

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The Kingdom of Voldam was probably the most peaceful and prosperous country on earth. At least it seemed so; but then the seeds of a single but worrisome problem began to spring up in the kingdom. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, King Voldam the Fifth failed to appear before the people of the kingdom. The people could not see their king because an incurable disease had fallen upon him and kept him confined to his bed.

There was only one way King Voldam could rid himself of this disease. He would have to collect the seven herbs of mysterious curative powers from a part of the neighboring but far-reaching Empire of Draxer. Moreover, it had to be done within three days.

To make matters worse, it was said that there were treacherous traps hidden throughout the area. Ferocious monsters, lying in wait for their victims, were everywhere. As the king's health worsened, the people of the kingdom grew anxious and dispirited.

It was at this time that a strange object from the skies made an abrupt landing. Had the Draxer Empire at long last launched an attack!!? In the midst of this confusion, an extraordinary boy from a far away country flew through the broad skies. The strange object, it seemed, was not of Draxerian origin. This boy, wearing what appeared to be dark glasses, was running and jumping from one place to another at fantastic speeds.

Word spread through the Kingdom of Voldam that the Grand Chamberlain, lord of all the king's vassals, had invited this "Kid Kool" to the palace. Once there, King Voldam and the Grand Chamberlain implored Kid Kool to set out for the evil Draxer Empire on their behalf !!

--From the NES Kid Kool instruction manual.

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