Kid Niki Radical Ninja 1987 By: Irem

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KID NIKI is truly AWESOME! This "rad" and "bad" punk dude is out to rescue his spike-haired girlfriend, Princess Margo, from the clutches of the Stone Wizard. Armed with a razor-sharp sword, this miniature madman slices his giant rivals down to size!

--From the NES Kid Niki Radical Ninja instruction manual.

Available: 3
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A ninja named Kid Niki is sitting in his school one day, when out of nowhere, an arrow shoots a bird! It carried a message, "WILL HELP YOU!" Now Kid Niki must get to the castle through woods and whatever, and fight baddies to get there!


Simple: Get to the other side of the level to move on to the next! But there's one little condition: Kid Niki dies in 1 hit, so be very careful and use your attack power a lot. For a jump attack, press A and B together! Levels are also timed, so also be aware of that!

A Button Jump
B Button Attack
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button No use
Free 1 Up
Every time you kill a boss, a scroll appears. You can magically change that scroll into a free man. Wait until the first and last digits of your time are the same, then hit the scroll.
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