Kirby's Adventure 1993 By: Nintendo

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A crisis in Dream Land!

Light years away, .......
... on a tiny star not visible from Earth, is the magical, peaceful place known as Dream Land. The beings that inhabit this wondrous world live in a blissful existence that centers on eating, sleeping and playing. An example of their care-free customs include the traditional after-lunch feast nap. After they awaken from their nap, the Dream Landers discuss their dreams and fervently hope that each other's fondest wishes come true.

One day, a young Dream Lander named Kirby awoke from his after-lunch nap feeling terrible. "What happened?" he wondered to himself. "I didn't have any dreams during my lunch nap!" After talking to some of his friends, he found that the problem was much more serious than he had thought, for they had not experienced any dreams either! "Something must have happened to the Dream Spring!" they exclaimed in unison.

Legends told that the Dream Spring was created by a magical artifact known as the Star Rod. The sparkling star on the tip of this scepter was an actual fragment of a star that had landed in Dream Land in the distant past. The Star Rod now provided energy to the Dream Spring and served as the very symbol of Dream Land.

Kirby, the roly-poly hero of Dream Land, boldly announced his intention to investigate the Dream Spring and find the cause of all the trouble.
Upon reaching the Dream Spring, who did he find but King Dedede, bathing in its magical waters! In the past (see Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy(r)), King Dedede had caused mischief in Dream Land by stealing all the Dream Landers' food and Sparkling Stars. Now, in the middle of the Dream Spring, in place of the Star Rod, sat Dedede, covered with bubble bath.

"What have you done with the Star Rod?!"

"Oh, that old thing," Dedede said nonchalantly. "I broke it into seven pieces and gave each piece to one of my friends..."

Before hearing any more of what Dedede had to say, Kirby set off on the long trek to gather the pieces of the Star Rod and return them to the Dream Spring. Hopefully, he could return the sparkly to the Dream Spring so that the people of Dream Land could again enjoy their happy midday naps."

--From the NES Kirby's Adventure instruction manual.

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I thought Kirby's Adventure was one of the better games for NES, and I loved it. The graphics were awesome, the sound was great, and the controls were easy and responsive. It was a pleasure playing Kirby's Adventure. I recommend you give it a try.


Kirby Kirby Kirby! Every Kirby game is basically the same thing, use your suck ability to suck in enemies. Then you can spit them out or swallow them. If they are a special kind of enemy they will give you a power when you swallow them.

Kirby can fly for as long as he doesn't get hit. Simply press Up to inflate Kirby, press B to blast all that air to do damage to enemies!

Kirby can also attack with a sliding kick by pressing Down and A.

A Button Jump
B Button Suck/Use Power
Start Button Pause
Select Button Drop Power
Sound Test
Extra game(Unlocked when you beat Normal with 100%) both with 100% to unlock the Sound Test
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