Kiwi Kraze 1991 By: Taito

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Like all Kiwi birds, you are happy and fun-loving; even your name, Tiki, means happiness. You and your Kiwi friends live in a land called New Zealand, and today something awful has happened. Wally Walrus, your bad-smelling, bad- tempered enemy has swooped in on his balloon and carried off all your friends. Worst of all, he snatched your girlfriend, Phee-Phee. Thanks to your fast reflexes you, and only you, escaped the Walrus. But by now he's had time to sell your friends to zoos all over New Zealand. The only one who can set them free is you, so armed with your trusty bow and arrow you set forth. You will have to fight your way through five worlds, and each world has four levels. Wally, that fiend, has sent out hundreds of his evil friends to try to stop you - they lurk behind walls and trees, they drop in on hot air balloons, and they lie awaiting you in the water down below. But if you explore secret rooms, you'll find magical gifts and awesome weapons. Somewhere you'll meet the dreaded Ice Whale - try looking him in the mouth! And most important of all, be on the watch for the Warp Zones. You seek your Phee-Phee, but must face all dangers to find her.

--From the NES Kiwi Kraze instruction manual.

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