Klax 1990 By: Tengen

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Klax was a very cool and weird game. I liked it though. The graphics were pretty well rendered with shadows that looked pretty real. The game-play is where Klax really stands out. The ability to throw the blocks back up the board by pressing up was a cool feature. There were tons of combinations you could make with them, and they all varied in point yield. With the incorporation of wild blocks, the possibilities were endless. The music in this game was enjoyable with a techno sound to it. It even had a sound test in the stuff menu. You could also go in there and find a drum test that you could play the drums on your controller with. There was also a bonus game in this menu called "blob ball." It was pretty weird, almost like pong, but with no method to its madness. This game was a whole lot of fun, with a slight comical twist to it. Give this game a whirl!


Catch and stack the blocks to make at least three in a row diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

A Button Drop Block
B Button Drop Block
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Throw 'em Back!
If you press up on the D-pad, you will throw the top block on the paddle halfway back up the board.
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