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The NES Knight Rider Game Manual Reads:
Your life as Michael Knight actually began with the death of Michael Long. You were once a young top detective. But while trying to chase down a gang of international criminals, you were tragically gunned down. It was then, with the aid of Wilton Knight, president and founder of the Knight Foundation, that you were miraculously revived. Your face was altered with plastic surgery. You were adopted into the powerful Knight family. And your name was changed to Michael Knight. 'Take over my dream and fight the evil forces in this world,' were the last words of your mentor, Wilton Knight. And now, with KITT-the most sophisticated vehicle ever assembled-your challenge is to do just that!
Knight Rider was a great TV show in the eighties. I loved it when I was a kid. All my friends loved it too. This game gives you the chance to become the Knight Rider in order to fight the evil forces in this world.


While the show did very well and was very entertaining, the game fell short, unfortunately. It used the same game engine as Rad Racer, it even had some of the same glitches. This was the only thing that was good about the game. The sounds and controls sucked. It was hard to maneuver around the vehicles that you weren't supposed to destroy, and you had to hold up the whole time to keep your foot on the gas. While holding up, it's kinda hard to steer to the left and right. This game was a pretty cool concept gone bad. If you are a big fan of Knight Rider, this game may hold some interest for you, but other than that......

A Button Shoot
B Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Desert Battle
Put NSMRNQIUKRISD as the password.
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